Commission Me!

So I'm ALWAYS looking for more editing work, so if you have anything you'd like me to edit, please get in touch at:

Below is my editing reel. This shows off what I can do for ya.

But maybe you're not looking to have anything in particular edited for you. Then keep reading! Because my popular CinemaSings series of videos (where I recreate the lyrics of popular songs with movie quotes) is open to commission too. Here's an example of one:

But keep reading still! Because below I’ll detail how this whole process will go:

1. Email me at with the song you’d like me to create a CinemaSings video for. Also, let me know what currency you’d like me to quote you with. If you forget, I’ll default to American Dollars.

2. I’ll email you back with how much that will cost you (the arrangement would be half up front, half when done). The reason why I can’t tell you the price initially has to do with how long the song is. Rap God for example will cost A LOT. But a minute long TV show theme song will be considerably cheaper.

3. Let me know if the price I gave works for you and if you’re in a position to pay.

4. I’ll then create a 10 second preview of the video to make sure you’re happy with the direction. I’ll send you this as an attachment to our email conversation.

5. Let me know if this preview works for you.

6. I’ll then let you know my PayPal email address. Once you pay me half-up-front, I’ll get to work on the whole thing. This shouldn’t take more than a week. It will largely depend on how busy I am.

7. Once the video is done, I’ll send you a preview of the whole video. Here, let me know if there’s anything you want changed.

8. If you’re happy with the result, send me the other half of the agreed payment. I’ll then send you a zip file via WeTransfer. This will contain 3 versions of the CinemaSings video (the unofficial Karaoke version, the official instrumental version and a version with no instrumental at all). Bundled in will also be a list of all the movies used as well as the YouTube thumbnail I plan to use.

9. I’ll post the video to my YouTube channel soon thereafter. This is to ensure you’re the first person to see the video.

10. And we’re done! But know I’m willing to make more CinemaSings for you if you so desire.


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